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Two Poems By Sarah Adeyemo

Life Souvenir 

In my home, night prayers water the seed of fellowship with the creator.

And every dawn, my  grandmother summons us to prayer.

From infant, my grandmother had taught me how to count the rosary 

with the mumblings that coated my tender tongue.

Now a boy, bred in morning chants of grandmother,

who whispers in her dream the fragments of her night prayer.

This night, grandmother’s voice is fainting; 

she shivers as the rosary quivers in her hands.

Strands of hair under her mantilla are what I see.

Today’s prayer is the souvenir of life to heaven.

After the prayer, my grandmother tenders her tongue 

into the shape of silence.


I found you & you found me. & how, like the eternal

dance of a river, our soul poured into each other. 

From the first light to the deepest darkness

we knitted our heart into what housed our spirit. 

Outside, our burdens fainting away while catching fireflies.

We knew not when the new moon returned & the stars 

guided our way home. Remember, our flawlessness 

sprouted away from our hearts as we stained our lips 

a perfect color of rose. But now, time unfolds like an echo,

made indistinct by distance: our love is an old song.

Sarah Adeyemo is an emerging Nigerian poet, fiction writer and book reviewer. She studies English and Literary Studies at the Federal University Of Oye-Ekiti, Nigeria. She is the 2nd runner-up in the NASELS writing competition at Federal University, Oye-Ekiti, and a Book Review Moderator at Prolific Fiction Writers Community. Her works have appeared or are forthcoming in Eboquills, Brittle Paper, Northern Writers Forum Journal, Blue Marble Review, anthologies, and elsewhere.

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2 thoughts on “Two Poems By Sarah Adeyemo”
  1. Dear noble poet Sarah Adeyemo.

    You have done a fantastic job with this written poem. I can feel the depth of emotions and the undeniable connection between two souls. It’s like a timeless dance, where your souls intertwine and become one.

    The way you describe knitting your hearts together is so symbolic and profound. It’s like weaving a strong bond that houses your spirits, giving you a sense of warmth and belonging.

    I love the imagery of burdens fading away while you catch fireflies. It paints a picture of a carefree and magical moment shared between two people. And the reference to the moon and stars guiding your way home adds a touch of romance and enchantment.

    It’s interesting how you mention the flawlessness of your love, as if it blossomed naturally from your hearts. That idea of purity and authenticity is so captivating.

    But then, you acknowledge the passage of time, and how it can sometimes blur the echoes of our past. It’s bittersweet to think that love, like an old song, might fade with the passing of time. However, the beauty of memories and the lasting impact of such a connection can never be erased.

    Thank you for sharing this profound piece of writing. It’s truly an evidence to the power of love and the depth of human emotions.

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