Sat. Apr 13th, 2024

Toxicants Of Our Own Selves by Yusrah M. Dzukogi

Reality has grown into a SCOPE for demons disguised in angels cloud, taking a gulp from ones bread and butter, DEVOURING another’s strength and still FACADE as the SAINT ONES
We have buried enough SINS to make a land crack into its ASHES
We have banged enough SHAME to our own BACKBONES but
Yet we are here, still yielding more and more seeds till we CHOKE OURSELVES UP

RELIGION has become a tendency for HATRED and HYPOCRISY between brothers hence killing ourselves slowly and RUTHLESSLY
And still move out as BLOODY SAMARITANS who have come to prosper PEACE into us and the sand we match.
WE are our own VERY TOXICANTS.
Reality has come to the PHASE where our ancestors have CROSSED the see back and dressed as the EVIL SAINTS, where we have to
believe and wash their feet no matter what.

NOW, the WAR has BEGUN, and we are fighting, slaying, massacres, and slitting our own very selves only to realize that our VERY OWN MOTHER was the DEVIL behind all these
All these CURSE for what?
We have killed for what
We have hated for what
We have fought for what
We have envied, discriminate, slits our own brothers, ALL FOR WHAT?
The lies and sins our mother has BIRTHED?
You see it’s all about the lessons we have agreed to take on, not how will FEEL about THESE LESSONS.
Mother should go back to bed and let’s us create our own BETTERMENTS.
To see if really what we have been YEARNING for YEARS will arrive or not
We have done ENOUGH and ENOUGH
We have CHOKED ourselves to DEATH and now
We will PROVE that we have SOILED our great ANCESTOR’S BONES

Yusrah M. Dzukogi is a spoken word artist who has platform where she shares many series on things she has gotten to know… A bibliophile studying international relations who believes art(poetry) can greatly create an excellent and healthy impact on society and the world. She is also a forthcoming data analyst who enjoys photography.

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