Sat. Apr 13th, 2024

TO MY FIRST BEARDS – Precious Chidera Harrison

At first, with perinatal invisibility.

Then a black, vibrant tuft.

Wisps of age, three hairs! sprout,

thin like corn tassels.

Febrile fibres on once egg-bald chin,

now points to the earth.

Fingers of time, clocks to mock life.

Interpret the season’s surf.

Perceived, stamp of perfidy. Nipped

by envious fingers! A groan,

Ah! a nod of anguish, chin rete inflamed!

Then rose a ripe nodule, minuscule

papillae. Blackgrass, I shall mow you down

until you come ripe with greyness.

I see! — a rainbow bowed over my brow.

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