ROSE BOY | Testimony Odey

I write to him: your poetry feels like home to my broken soul, like butterflies on faces of
marigolds, like a warm summer breeze on my skin, like fresh ocean water cleansing my soul,
like magic in my bones. with the tip of my tongue will I spell out all the words that flesh your
poem, like a man chanting his prayer in the dead of the night. on rainy days, blanket of roses
will I weave for you as reminders that your fragile, beautiful self will become a full moon
someday. so, take your time, my love to cradle the memories of what could have been as one
would rock a child to sleep. honour them, then like the wind, let it go. for you, Rose Boy, are a
river and a river only knows how to dance forward.

Testimony Odey, also known as Temidayo Testimony Omali Odey, is a Nigerian storyteller, writer, creative, YouTuber and filmmaker whose works have been published in various magazines and journals such as Brittle Paper, Rising Phoenix Review, Green Black Tales, Poetic Africa Magazine, Kepressng Anthologies, and elsewhere. She is a one-time judge for the African Teen Writers Award and has been shortlisted for the global Writing Ukraine Prize and African Human Rights Short Story Prize. She’s a recipient of the Nigerian Prize for Teen Authors, African Teen Writers Awards and Wakaso Poetry Prize. She enjoys living life with lots of light, love and a sprinkle of delulu.

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