Sat. Apr 13th, 2024

a messenger told us
we’ll slay our mothers
and sit on her mat,
that we’ll hit our fathers
on the head
and adore the colour
of his hair.
my body is cold-
all of us
at the house
will collect our dimes
and try finishing up
our poems.
keep my script
In my mother’s bag-
we’ll go drunk
Into mama’s kitchen.
sway a little on Noah’s feet,
we can only write sonnets.
gather those poems
and get them burnt.

Zakiyyah Dzukogi is a Nigerian poet and a Hill-Top Creative Art Foundation member with three published poetry collections. She is a two times winner of the Nigeria Prize for Teen Author, poetry, 2020 and 2021. She won the Splendors of Dawn Poetry Contest, 2019 December edition, and the Brigitte Poirson Poetry Contest, April 2021 Edition.
She has her works published or are forthcoming in Upwrite Nigeria, Artmosterrific Chapbook, Nigeria Review, INNSAEI Journal, Konya Shamrumi, Literature Voices, Book o Clock, Corona Blues, Poetry Tuesday, Heartlinks Magazine, Paradise on Earth International Anthology, Piam. Voices, Kalahari Review, Melbourne Culture Corner, Olney Magazine, Rigorous, The Account, Mixed Magazine, Beatnik Cowboy, Spillwords, Sledgehammer, the Dillydoun Review, Tilted House and others.

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