Yesterday, we sold our names/ in the pocket of lust/ transform our

tongues in fire—/ & garnish our throats in the pebbles of blood shower 

& today, the history mother tongued us to sip from the chest of our ancestors 

is carved between the drum of war & the speaking guns in her radio transistor. 

this night. in mothers womb/ we’re two cities of grief;

one; a city where hunger and death wrote poems about the humming in elegy’s hamlet

others; are boys / who measure the weight of their breaths and the gravity of bullets. 

in this verse—/ I’m the metaphor between time, hope & motion

of when memories will swallow up memories/ & mysteries are dead quotation, 

of when father(s) will know Addu’ar Talaka isn’t for his/(their)  tease(s) 

of when we’d throned bright(s) god(s) & died in peace. ion. 


Abubakar Auwal, TPC VIII, NiSWA 001, is a bilingual teen poet, playwright, essayist, movie actor, graphics designer, storyteller and spoken word artist born in Minna, Niger State, Nigeria. Abubakar’s works have been published or are forthcoming in Teen Lit Journal, Synchronized Chaos magazine, Hello Poetry, LILAC Journal,, Words Rhymes & Rhythm, Art, Al-fijir MSSN magazine, New Voices Magazine, California Poppy Times, IJAEM journal, Flower Song press, Boundless 2023: the anthology of the Rio Grande Valley International Poetry Festival and elsewhere.

Abubakar is the Editor-in-chief of New Voices Magazine and a junior editor at Poetry. Com and proudly a member of Hill-Top Creative Art Foundation. He won the Splendor of Dawn poetry and short story competition (February-April edition, 2023) and was a finalist for the NSYTH Poetry and spoken word recitation.