EVERY HOPE IS AN OASIS – Arikewusola Abdul Awal

Every hope is an oasis

In the desert of my thoughts. I rise,

Trod the face of noon on the dune

& the throat of night

That belches the constellation. Every night,

I resort to my oasis, 

And rest my weary mind.

I offer litanies towards the sky, & I count

The stars & read the half moon–

Father says dirge ambushes

the mouth that reads a full moon:

The carapace does, and mourns its snail.

Lizards raid the mouth of the wall

That does; ants read the sorrows

Left by a naked ìrókò tree [that reads

A full moon] that lies on the earth.

Half moon is a comma– to say

Everything goes on, to say hopes

Must stay… must not vanish

Like the lappets of the timid masquerade

In the tale. I dread everything that means

Full stop: loss. grief. full moon. full. stop.

Know the language of the heart/earth,

Salvage your essence with the oasis

In your thoughts; lest a man perishes

& his shadow becomes an orphan,

& turns into a broken wind.


Arikewusola Abdul Awal writes from Ṣakí, a town in Oyo state, Nigeria. His poems have appeared–or are forthcoming– in Afritondo, Kalahari Review, Teen Lit journals, Literary Yard, The Yellow House Library, Synchronized Chaos, Ta Adesa, ArtingArena, Eboquills, Afrihill Press, Spillwords, World Voice Magazine, Ila magazine, Williwash webzine, Broken chunks of hearts anthology, Thirty Shades of Roses Anthology, and elsewhere. When he is not writing, he is reading or watching movies.