Endless Daydreaming in a Multiverse | Zaynab Iliyasu Bobi

& it all began—thrown out-world 

   as i scraped the dirt picked from the roof. 

       my house hasn’t been cleaned since the last 

ember month. the bedside saved my leftover        

    bread. i will eat it if i get home. i still 

       don’t know how to say i’m learning  

to walk forward. my mother forbids     

    me from walking with my back turned.      

       moving further into the house, i found 

many things i left cleaned & sparkling, covered 

   with dust. it has been a while i owned anything. 

       please, don’t pity me. i’m not poor. 

everything i had was clean before i left. 

    i never wanted to leave. it was the clock 

       that stopped ticking. about time, how many 

times has the world rotated without me?

    i need to get a map of this side. my mother 

        forbids me from walking with my back

turned. so, i’m learning to walk forward. 

    i will eat if i get back. there is leftover 

        bread on my bedside. the house 

hasn’t been swept since last ember month. 

    i scraped the dirt i picked from the roof

        & continued throwing myself out-world. 

Zaynab Iliyasu Bobi, Frontier I, is a Nigerian-Hausa multidisciplinary artist from Bobi. She is the author of the chapbook Cadaver of Red Roses (winner of the 2023 Derricotte/Eady Prize). Her works appeared or forthcoming in Strange Horizons, FIYAH, Uncanny Magazine, Poetry Daily, Agbowo, Torch Literary Arts, Arc Poetry Magazine, and elsewhere. Her chapbook Uncensored Snapshots is forthcoming with Chestnut Review (April/June 2025). She is active on X @ZainabBobi.

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