CALL FROM NATURE | Abdulrahman M. Abu-Yaman

The angel of death gave her
10 missed calls— but it had nothing
To do with dying— it was the wrong number

When she called back the number…
(yes, each time we wish our life was
over, that’s us dialing death’s number)
…With a rope round her neck, the line was
Not reachable at that moment

Next time she dialled the number with a blade
On her wrist, the line was switched off

After a traumatic childbirth that sent her to coma
The angel of death called her through the EKG machine

Being unconscious and unable to decline the call
(wanting to live for her baby),
a nurse (who didn’t
know any better) answered it and her line
Went fl________________________________t

Abdulrahman M. Abu-Yaman is a writer; most times poetic, sometimes prosaic and other times artistic, blooming somewhere in the rocky planes of the middle-belt savanna region in the literary city of Minna. His works have been featured in anthologies like African Writer, Ann Arbor Review, Afritondo, Brittle Paper, The Lagos Review, London Grip Magazine, Aké Review, North Dakota Quarterly, Writers Space Africa, Blue Minaret, ExistOtherwise and elsewhere. His artworks have been exhibited during Kaduna Book and Arts Festival (Kabafest) and Borno Book and Arts Festival (Bobafest). He is a co-founder and Chairman of Minna Literary Society (MLS) and winner of Wakaso Poetry Prize and Hysteria Writing Competition in 2021. Abu-Yaman is a fellow of Ebedi International Writers Residency. He likes his omelette salty and his stew peppery. A tennis fan and Chelsea stan. @abuu_yaman is his X (Twitter) handle.

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