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A Journey of Introspection and Self-Discovery: A Literary Review of Maimuna Muhammad Alfa’s Memoirs of My Alpha Journey by Ibraheem Uthman

Literature weaves an intricate tapestry of human experiences, exploring the multifaceted nature of identity and the journey of awakening. Through diverse narratives and characters, literature allows us to delve into the depths of personal exploration, shedding light on the complexities and nuances that shape our individuality. It serves as a mirror, reflecting our own search for meaning and connection, inviting us to question, reflect, and discover our authentic selves. Literature offers a profound insight into the human condition, reminding us that identity is a fluid and evolving concept influenced by culture, society, and personal growth. We find solace, inspiration, and a deeper understanding of our shared human experiences through literature.
In “Memoirs of My Alpha Journey,” Maimuna Muhammad Alfa takes readers on a poetic expedition of self-discovery and personal growth. This collection showcases Alfa’s lyrical prowess, evocative language, and introspective exploration of themes such as identity, awakening, and the intricate tapestry of human experiences.

The first poem in this poetry collection, “ADO”, captivates readers with its fragmented structure and enigmatic phrases. The juxtaposition of “Temporary blab” and “Physically got eon” immediately piques curiosity, setting the tone for the poem’s exploration of fleeting moments and the vast expanse of time. The imagery of being “Stranded with furious tunes” and the urgency expressed in “Without delay” create a sense of restlessness and the desire to seize the present. The poem concludes with the intriguing line, “It’s noted for history satisfaction,” leaving readers with a lingering question about the nature of satisfaction and its connection to personal and collective histories.

The poem “Letter to my 8years or 9ine” exhibits a tender and nostalgic tone. The poem opens with the idea that “The lamps are made for you,” symbolizing guidance and protection. The recurring motif of light throughout the poem, represented by the “lamp,” underscores the poet’s enduring love and support. The imagery of “Your love blossom” and the reference to the “night of honor” evoke a sense of celebration and growth. The concluding lines, “DEAR 8YEARS OR 9INE,” express a heartfelt connection to the past, emphasizing the transformative power of childhood memories.

Sinking further into this book, “Abba”, another poem presents readers with a series of contradictions and fragmented thoughts. The phrases “With hwyl rejection” and “Guidance sneaked in” introduce conflicting emotions and the subtle ways guidance can manifest. The poem’s enigmatic language, such as “The mode of choice lathered” and “Shoo-foo with a loud voice,” challenges conventional notions and encourages readers to embrace unconventional perspectives. The exploration of advancement, theories, and festivity underscores the complexity of progress and the multifaceted nature of knowledge. The poem concludes with the intriguing phrase “Wildly not connected,” prompting readers to contemplate the limitations and interconnectedness of human understanding.

The poem “Heaven like NIGER REPUBLIC” begins with imagery of the moon and “Psychological warmth,” symbolizing the renewal of each day and inner comfort. The phrase “Arced to be merciful” introduces a sense of compassion and empathy. The poet’s internal dialogue, pondering the decision to leave a village and the reference to shutting the cartoon, captures a moment of reflection and the desire for personal growth. The line “A gulp silence weather / Which I’ll like to neck for a decade” conveys a longing for introspection and stillness. The poem concludes with the notion of embracing an upcoming challenge and expressing gratitude for the experience, suggesting a transformative journey of self-discovery.

“Your identity” delves into themes of awakening and self-reflection. The imagery of the sunrise and the weeping thought to symbolize personal growth and the complexities of introspection. The phrase “Ghosts seeking permission” speaks to the need to acknowledge past experiences and embrace their impact on one’s identity. The poem explores the notion of a shared experience, as the poet invites readers to join in making the concept of identity a reality. The closing lines evoke a sense of unity and hope, emphasizing the power of collective self-discovery.

“Memoirs of My Alpha Journey” by Maimuna Muhammad Alfa is a remarkable collection of poetry that invites readers on a transformative voyage of self-discovery and introspection. Through fragmented phrases, evocative imagery, and thought-provoking language, Alfa skillfully explores themes of identity, personal growth, and the interconnectedness of human experiences. Each poem contributes to the tapestry of the collection, presenting a unique perspective on the journey toward self-realization. Alfa’s ability to evoke emotions and engage readers in exploring complex ideas makes this collection a compelling and thought-provoking read for anyone seeking poetic reflections on life’s profound questions.

Ibraheem Uthman is the author of the poetry collection “Mind of a Bard”, a two-time recipient of the National Library Prize and the secretary of the Northern Writers Forum (NWF). Although he majors in the sciences, he considers himself first and foremost an artist who the mechanics of literature and art inspired in general. In his spare time, he enjoys reading & writing poetry, programming, and contributing to open-source technology. His writings have been published and are forthcoming in various literary magazines and journals. He takes great pride in belonging to the Hill-Top Creative Arts Foundation.

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